Tree-Minded Tree Care specializes in offering industry-proven professional care for landmark and heritage trees. Owner Patrick Brandt works with home owners and property managers to preserve and protect trees that are integral to a property’s aesthetic appeal, resale value, environmental benefits, and outdoor enjoyment. See this flyer for more about the many benefits of healthy trees

We view our role as partner with you, the customer, in being stewards of the high value trees on your property. When warranted we will recommend removal of damaged or diseased trees but our goal is to care for and protect your trees through proactive care. More information about our services are found on the tabs above.

Tree-Minded Tree Care is fully insured for all aspects of tree care.

Patrick rescuing Ewok 
Owner, Patrick Brandt, is a tree-minded outdoorsman who has been climbing and advocating for trees for most of his life. As a PhD-trained biochemist, Patrick understands and embraces the science of tree care. He is employed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and considers tree care one of his many jobbies (job-hobbies). He is also owner of Piedmont Tree Climbing, an outdoor recreation company that teaches kids and adults of all ages to climb safely into the canopy.

Since 2012 he has used his unique climbing skills to rescue more than 125 cats that were stuck in trees – some 80 feet high and some stuck for more than a week. In 2010 Patrick developed a Google Maps-enabled tree tour of landmark trees on UNC campus. Over 20,000 people have accessed the tree tour from a cell phone as they walk the grounds in person, or have enjoyed the over 300 photos of the majestic trees from the comfort of their own home.

Patrick is a member of the Native Tree Society and was involved in a state-wide study aimed at identifying groves of the tallest trees in North Carolina using LIDAR data. He has been on many multi-day backpacking trips into Great Smoky Mountain State Park to “ground truth” resulting LIDAR hits. These treks have brought him to the feet of giant tulip trees close to 200 feet tall!
Patrick volunteering to clean up storm damage in Eastern North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew